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Shopwise, is a hypermarket, known for its affordability, quality, everyday freshness, budget-friendliness, variety, with a fast, friendly, and fun service, since the year 1998.

Shopwise, a subsidiary of Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (RRHI), is named as an excellent shopping destination of choice by its millions of customers for its wide selection of fresh meatproduce, dairy & eggs, frozen goods, groceries, liquor & spirits, clothes, toys & games, home accessories, appliances, and exclusive imported items, all under one roof, with a comfortable, relaxing, practical, and efficient shopping service of over 3,000 employees who have chosen to work with Shopwise to serve its customers.

Shopwise presently operates 16-big stores nationwide and vows to deliver the best of service, nonstop promos, fun events and activities, and a whole more for everyone.

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